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The mobile Web hasn't had as much of an effect on everyday life as marketeers wanted the public to believe it would. Things can change, but the industry has to first slow down and develop a solid infrastructure. Expectations are a tricky thing. They can be a tremendous incentive to action that can drive a business to great heights to meet the goals of customers or upper management. They can also be millstones around the neck of that same business when it's clear that they're unrealistic. This is the conundrum facing wireless communications today. There are expectations being set for connectivity that are at least dancing on the edge of unreality, if not pure fantasy. These expectations are creating a lot of the buzz around wireless, but they may also be planting the seeds of its demise. This has clearly happened with the so-called Wireless Web. The expectation set ... (more)

ROI in the Here-and-Now: A Case Study

There's no need to always wait for technology to catch up with the way you want to use it. Here's a real wireless app that offered return on investment even in its first year... This particular customer was in a business that serviced industrial customers on a route-oriented basis. Many of the appointments were performed on a regular schedule, but there was also a significant number of clients serviced on an as-needed basis. The scheduling for these drivers had been done centrally, with the assignments being passed out via a series of job orders. The regular customers were handl... (more)

Wireless and Web Services: Beyond the Hype

Wireless data communications is a fascinating technology. The idea that a clean digital signal can be extracted from the analog soup of RF communications is audacious in concept and even more so in the implementations that are either currently available or being planned for the next few years. Given all of this, why is it that no one seems capable of making any money on it? The simple, brutal answer to this question is that customers will not pay for raw technology, no matter how elegant it is. They will admire it and discuss its merits and flaws in chat rooms, and they may even... (more)